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Tribute to Mrs. Noreen Mann - Digital Luach Project

Congregation Ohaiv Yisroel initiatied a campaign to pay tribute to Mrs. Noreen Mann, remembering the special person that she was. Sadly, she is no longer with us—but we want to keep her memory alive. To that end, the shul has installed a Digital Luach in the lobby, which is inscribed and dedicated in her honor. This Luach displays necessary information for each day’s tefilah requirements and other pertinent announcements. By its daily use, this board serves as a constant reminder of her long and cherished presence in our midst, and pays tribute to her as well as to the many years of dedication of her husband Lenny, יבדל לחיים טובים.

This project represents a considerable expense, but one that we are proud to undertake. If you would like to participate and contribute additional funds to the upkeep and maintenance of the luach, please write your check payable to Ohaiv Yisroel earmarked for Digital Luach. Please e-mail us your pledge at . If you have any questions, you can call Stu Perles at 845-356-0144. Checks can be mailed to the shul at

30 Blueberry Hill Road, Monsey

or given to Gerald From, Rob Goldfarb or any of the shul officers.

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