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The green set of tabs and buttons allow you to add amounts to get to the amount you want, for the purpose you set. Choose an amount or partial amount and then "Add to Cart" and you will add everything up to the amount you owe - for dues, for seats, or whatever you'd like to donate.

You may make an instant donation to the Shul by clicking any of the other PayPal buttons to the right. The other buttons allow you to identify the amount you wish to donate. You may insert the amount you wish to donate, but please add an addition amount to cover the cost of processing your payment (PayPal will charge the Shul $2.50 for donations up to $100, so add an amount accordingly.)

After writing in the amount and selecting payment option, before final approval, you will be given an opportunity to add a message, so please click the message box use that area to write in exactly what the donation is for. Thank you for your donation.
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Please remember to add $3 for every $100 increment to cover fees. A $3 increment is available at the bottom of the button list.
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