Congregation Ohaiv Yisroel

(Blueberry Hill Shul)
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Help Us maintain beauty and dignity of our beis knesses

Dear members and friends:

As you know, our congregation is very proud of our policy to welcome the many diverse individuals who want to join or even just utilize the shul. It is our delight to see people learning in our beis medrash at all hours, it is our delight to welcome children to the play group during Shabbos morning davening, and the boys and girls of pirchei and bnos in the afternoons. Our doors are open Shabbos night for avos ubanim learning, and on Sundays for JEP. And all this besides the numerous daily minyanim, morning, afternoon and night.

Maintaining the attractive appearance of our shul takes considerable effort and expense—in addition to a weekly cleaning crew, there is need to polish the furniture, scrape the floors, and many other mundane activities.

It has been 20 years since our sanctuary was refurbished, and the wear and tear are beginning to show. We have decided to embark on a campaign to redo the chairs, replace the carpeting, and upgrade the lights in the main shul.

We are turning to our members, neighbors, and friends, including those who may have moved out but still retain their warm memories, to ask that you join with us in our effort to enhance the physical environment of our beis knesses. Your contribution will enable us to continue servicing all members of the Jewish people in a dignified and inspiring fashion.

Dr. Leonard Mann
A Cohen
275 chairs$13,425
Carpeting - entire shul $12,650
Already Donated $30,647
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To mail in your tax-deductible contribution:

Please make checks payable to:
Cong. Ohaiv Yisroel/Refurbishing
and mail to:
30 Blueberry Hill Rd, Monsey, NY 10952