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  • 17 (Shiva-Asar) B’Tamuz Schedule
    July 6th, 2023

    This Year's Schedule from within the Newsletter

  • Tisha B'Av
    July 26th-27th, 2023


    This Year's Schedule - 2023


Alex Israel

To mark Tisha B’Av, we will study together two Midrashim from Eicha Rabba. I will print the Midrashim without comment or introduction in order to give you the chance to think them over...

Ohr Somayach

For more than 30 years, Ohr Somayach has been instilling Jewish pride in university students the hard way – through knowledge. A world leader in Jewish outreach, Ohr Somayach has always understood that quick fixes for flagging Jewish identity don’t work. And that only Jewish learning can give a young man “ownership” of his heritage, and a deep, enduring sense of pride and identity.

Schedule for Tisha B'Av
As published in the newsletter

This year's chedule as it appears in newsletter

17th of Tamuz

This year's schedule from the newsletter

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