Ohaiv Yisroel of Blueberry Hill

Journal Dinner - Ads and Payment

The Shul Dinner will be on

Sunday, May 7, 2023
16th of Iyar


Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Simons
Community Service Award


Rabbi and Mrs. Yitzy Kaplan
Ahavas Torah Award

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Due to the late date, and the closeness of the Dinner, we ask that you direct your ad to Dr. Gerald From by email to him - so we can get it into the Journal. Please type your ad text and send it in an email to Gerald From. The button below will create an email for you - rehabdoc100@optonline.net

Payment would be done by your usually method, including the Kiosk or other electronic means below.

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Ohaiv Yisroel

Please view our virtual Kiosk at https://secure.merchpay.com/oybh/ (credit cards accepted on this platform).

Quick Pay and Zelle to Presidentbbshul@gmail.com

PayPal to congoymonsey@gmail.com
Questions - call or email the president or Rob Goldfarb treasurer.

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