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Congregation Ohaiv Yisroel

is continuing a campaign to expand the number of Seforim and Books in our library. There are opportunities to dedicate books in memory or in honor of....

Due to the fantastic response to this campaign, we have compiled a new list.

Please review the list below and select a title or titles which you would like to sponsor. The cost to sponsor that book is listed after each title. All sponsorships will be acknowledged inside the book selected. Please contact Dr. Gerald From – 845-352-5537 or , for more information.

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Name of Sefer Book Cost Sponsor
Pets in Halacha – Rabbi Chaim Belsky $25.00
Landlord-Tenant Halacha – Rabby Baruch M. Levin $25.00
The Shofar in Tanach and Divrei Chazal and the Halachos $26.00
Halachos of Brochos for All Seasons – Rabbi Yisroel Pinchos Bodner -קןל שופר $23.00

Instant Donation

You may make an instant donation to the Shul by clicking the PayPal button to the right. You may insert the amount you wish to donate, but please add an addition amount to cover the cost of processing your payment (PayPal will charge the Shul $2.50 for donations up to $100, so add an amount accordingly.)

After writing in the amount and selecting payment option, before final approval, you will be given an opportunity to add a message, so please click the message box use that area to write in exactly what the donation is for. Thank you for your donation.
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